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    Default Report after road trip

    Hi everyone!
    I just got back from my 4000km+ road trip, and I have found out several things to share with everyone. (might not be new information here)
    During the entire trip I have taken some major route & city in Canada. Such as, Highway 1, Highway 5, Calgary, and Edmonton.

    I found out cops tend to be using more K band in urban area, maybe because of radar detector tend to be giving a lot of fause alarm in the city. On the highway, highway patrol car uses onboard Ka band radar most of the time. During the entire trip I had no chance to hit any lidar speedtrap, so the I have no idea on the effect of veil and laser shield. But one thing Veil guy should really work on is to lighten the color of veil. I had really difficult time when driving in the dark, cuz the veil has made my headlight became candle light.

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    Maybe you should retry the application of the Veil. It shouldn't be THAT bad...



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