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    Just got mine yesterday, for some reason in the same areas the Laser alert goes off several times and there is no cops anywhere to be found! What other things could cause it to false alarm laser or is there something wrong?

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    is there an airport nearby???

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdreynss
    is there an airport nearby???
    No not for miles.

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    a lot of things can set it off, but like the above post said, airports is one of them. When I drive through the city of Richmond, VA on I-95, I get alerts. As long as you get alerts at the same place, at least you know it isn't a LEO. So does it really matter?

    Re-read this post and thought it might have sounded like I was a being smarta$$, I didn't mean it that way. I know that I have wanted to know what set off my detector, like being out in no where and have x band go off. That happened to me last week in the mountains of NC.



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