if anything ever goes wrong or breaks am i pretty screwed or is the zr3 shifter exactly the same only the link is to the passport x50, not any other rd unit. i dont care so long as it is loud as a seperaste unit. i have a bel lp904 on my celica and its a seperate and goes with my 995v. anyways. i love my jammer as its already saved me 3 times up here and i jammed to gun on all 5 runs with the lp-905(3 months old from roy)
and then went home (2 miles) went to get my other car to test out 5 year old jammers-bel lp-904 laserpro.
well, i didnt get jam to gun with 2 frontals and 1 rear(im going to put the rear up front this weekend for better protection until i get another new unit from roy?)
but he still couldnt get a reading until i had slowed to the speed limit with plenty of time to press disarm if i wanted too but i was just testing and sure enough jammed to gun once, the other 3 runs were all 300 to 400 feet and i think he got readings as the laser bombardment stopped at around this distance when on a jam to gun, i was being painted all the way to the cop and passing him. but i here 100 percent score on 450 feet or less so i think my 6 year old lp904 still jamming at under 450 feet is extrodinary achievment from bel, and i can only hope i get that life out of my new unit lp 905.
but just since ive never been hit in rear in florida, the rear unit is new still so im going to ask them to run the power cord and laser through firewall and tie excess wire up and i will buy a non relective front plate and screw rigjht in, this will give me 3 up front on my little celica gts but i think it will hel jamming as it did for my blazer putting all 3 up front. dan