i got a bel laserpro 9095 and not 1 month later goes out of making them since they merged and decided yto keep the escort shifter. fine, its same unit but i should have maybe gotten a deal for buying at full price and then goes out of production./it works great and i personally love it. i love bel products and i refuse to buy their x50, i will just stay with the bel rd unit and buy as a seperate unit the escort laser shifter instead oof connecting or linked together with the radar it will run seperate. fine but now the escort priice went up 100- dollasrs from when i paid for mine 3 months ago. now its almost 400- for the zr3 shifter and a couple months ago i had the choice of either one of those for 300- new in box and i love the bel so i chose it. anyways, d