for the past 3 days, I have been visiting my family where there has never been a steady radar signal other then the leo in the area stationary or moving in different directions. I had noticed a k-band signal ( 24.160 ). Today I switched over to see the exact freq. today, because when I first detected it 3 days ago, just thought it was a cobra RD that was left on or the 3 minor stores on that corner just got a alarm system and I was picking that up. Yesterday, I drove the same way and picked up the same k-band signal at the same distances and it peaked in the middle of the intersection, so maybe there is some type of active radar (photo) or stationary radar set up by the city of lakewood, wa. So not thinking it was a cobra rd left on anymore, I did suspect sometime of radar in the area so today I ventured out to find it. Going down my normal way to my families house I drove down (Washington blvd) and then I recieved the K-band signal and I watched my trip. From the point where I first detected the K-band to the intersection was .5 miles and then I made a right and then I found that radar source, a "Your Speed is?" which was about another 600 ft after I made the right turn. I'm thinking WOW that was great detection since that was not in a straight line but at a 90 deg. .5 miles away when I first detected it. Then I drove past it and turned around and on that road I drove in the oppisite direction to the furthest point (dead end and a hilly road) was .6 miles and it was hitting 4 bars of signal strength. So I turned around and has I pointed towards the speed sign at .6 miles I was at full strength. There has been times where I have seconded guessed my V995 detection range but not anymore. I strongly believe I could have dectected that speed sign well over 2-3 miles due to the full signal strength just at .6 miles. I really love this Bel V995.