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    Default 940 vs 955 or 965

    Just picked up the 940 from circuit city.

    Please review the forum rules before posting again!

    I have a 14 day grace period to return the product.

    My questions are:

    Would the the extra features of the 955 or 965 be worth 50-100$ more?
    Lastly on bels site, they say the 940 has 6x range vs imports, who are the imports?

    Thanks for your time

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    i just bought a 940 at circuit city this week, to replace my 985. so far, so good. less features, but i couldn't care less about the extra stuff i never used any way. plus it is louder than the 985 and i need that with the volume i play the stereo.

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    You read the Beltronics website. Supposedly the 965 has greater sensitivity and range than the 940 or 955. To me this is the biggest factor to consider regarding the Bel series with filtering being next on the priority list.




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