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    Default extension to power cord..

    is it possible to plug a regular phone extension cord to extend the included power cord of the bell or the escort?

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    Default yes there is a way

    just get a double ended female connection.

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    Don't know about Escort, but my Bel Vector 895 (and V1) uses standard telephone cord, any telephone cord will work.

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    yep. i spliced a phone cord to the end of an older model straight power cord. no problem.

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    Default X2

    X2 to the phone cord. Works great on most newer Bel, Escort and V1's.

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    Default Re: yes there is a way

    Quote Originally Posted by Audi Quattro
    just get a double ended female connection.
    No I'd think he'd just want a standard female/male phone extender cord no?

    Anyway indeed it does work, I drove around like that for a couple months actually! Finally got off my arse and hardwired the sucker last week.

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    Not actually an answer to the question, but Bel's wire hook up is identical to the a V1. I replaced the V1 in my second car with a Bel 895, the V1's hardwire setup worked without modification.



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