I'm cheap, and I've recently been ticketed, putting a little incentive on buying some defense sooner than planned.

Idealy, I wanted V1/x50/RX65(Since I dont have the cash, to debate which one is useless at this point), with Blinder MX20 and VEil. But hey, I got a car loan to pay so maybe in a few years I'll upgrade.

I found a local advertisement for some equipment for only $300 all together (and maybe I can get him to go lower? )

But I'm not sure if this stuff is getting a little outdated because I didn't find many reviews or information on it. If the equipment is broken, is there a flat fee to fix it with the manufacture? Will this get the job done, or would speeding the $300 on a top-end detector, or buying the Blinder be a better choice?

For sale is two units, a beltronics laser pro 904 laser defense system, 94% effective in blocking traffic laser signals, and a beltronics LR Remote laser radar saftey system that has digital X/K digital Super wideband radar protection with 360 degrees of protection. These two systems are fully integratable with each other and offer the most superior invisibility to radar and laser systems. For more info see the beltronics website. Most of the parts for both units have never been installed and are new in an opened box. The front antenna for the LR and the two front modules for the 904 have been installed but never wired up. I got the unit about a year ago and changed jobs so I never finished installing it and have no need for it now tthat I walk to work. Retail for both units is just under $700.00 new. I'm asking $300 or b.o. All instructions are included.