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    Default STI KA false alerts on power up

    Where is the thread on the STI KA flalse alert on power up, seen this happen for the first time , unit was showing very high fals on ka right after power up, was no where near ANYTHING (non existign road in lake of the woods ontario) as soon as i reset unit false ka alert stopped.

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    Mine does it from time to time ...

    Few seconds after start-up , it shouts '' Ka band ''... then goes regular ....

    this happen where no ka around ...

    but only at start-up and not always .

    Otherwise my sti is kosher... :wink:

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    Since then I've had only two Ka alerts from the unit, of any type. One was a cop (1,5 mile range), then the other was the same cop on my way home

    The false was in a weird pattern though. It was continous, but ramped up and then dropped, ramped up, dropped, like instant-on was being used. Reset the unit and no more issues.



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