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Thread: bel hardwire??

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    Default bel hardwire??

    I have heard that you can use a regular phone cord to hardwire a this true?? if so, what color wires do you use as pos &neg???

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    Default Re: bel hardwire??

    Quote Originally Posted by jdreynss
    I have heard that you can use a regular phone cord to hardwire a this true?? if so, what color wires do you use as pos &neg???
    Yes this is true. Don't worry about colors. Go to radio shack or Wal-mart or where ever and get "RJ11" standard phone cord. Works great no worries

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    Yes you can, don't know which wire is voltage and ground though. You can use a Valentine Direct-Wire Power adapter (I can't give the price for this due to forum rules) to hook it to the cars electrical system. There is also a direct wire from Bel that has lugs already connected to the wire (I can't give you the price due to forum rules). I replaced my V1 in my second car with a BEL, all I did was unhook the V1, verify with a test light that the voltage and ground wires were the same, and hook the Bel up, so now my V1s and Bel are interchangeable.

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    Default Re: bel hardwire??

    If you look at the flat side of the RJ-11, NOT THE LEVER SIDE, the #3 wire from the left is Hot and #2 is the Ground wire.

    You can make your own "invisicord" with 18-2 wire from parts available at your local H.D. 8)

    I just hardwired both of my cars today. One tapping 12v from the powered mirror, and the other from the sunroof's powersource.

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    Wouldn't u like to know


    What i did was go into radio shack and get a standard 12 foot phone cord and then a peice (don't know the name of it) that lets you link two male ends of the phone cords together. I then just ran the cord under the fabric on the side of my car it came out very nice.

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    I am thinking about doing direct wire myself. Does anyone know how to make a remote mute button. In the car I do not need the big box with the diodes, but the button would be nice to mute it. I could probably wire it to the steering wheel controls that I already have. Did anyone try to connect just a mute switch to it?



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