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    Default whats better? a bel 995v or rx65, or passport x50?

    i am a big bel lover for many years and want to upgrade o the rx65 at months end and want any replies out there plus getting the zr3 shifter unless roy can get another lp 905? which is fine if it runs as seperate. dan

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    From what I understand, the detection capabilities of the Rx65, and the V995 are very close to one another, with the main difference being that the Rx65 has aa couple more features. The v995 is supposed to be one of the best detectors out, and the benefits of the Rx65, over the v995 are negligable, to the point that it may not be worth the money. And I'm strictly speaking of performance/price ratio here. But the bottom line is that It's your money, and if you want the Rx65, and can afford it...go for it



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