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    Default V995 is incredible for radar but for laser detection?

    I have been on a few road trips and I'm very pleased with my V995's ability to pick up radar. However, I am very concerned when it comes to laser. I have passed a few police cars sitting in me median with laser guns and it never went off. Maybe they weren't pointing it at me. But I am concerend because my laser alert has "never" gone off. Not once. And I have read that at least a handful have the same concerns. For radar it's awesome. I don't think I'd want anything else. Not too many falses and picks up radar from far away "unless of course instant on is being used". I have even picked up instant on a few times from far away because of other cars. Just worried about laser capabilities.


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    Default laser is harder to detect

    laser has a very small beam compared to a radar signal. My V995 has saved me and i also have picked up laser scatter also and it saved me. Get some VEIL and a laser jammer and dont worry so much.

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    V995 is just like all the rest, Laser is its worst enemy, because it's coherent light that doesnt really diverge from its original beam.........that being said, the RD performs best LOW, by the points that LEOs target, it WILL NOT save you unless youre REAL lucky and get some scatter, its most likely YOU thats getting hit, VEIL buys you a bunch of time to slow down given he hits you starting from a long distance, if you just crest a hill or he just decides to hit you at short range like 400ft in front of him then it's over, the only thing that helps there is a Jammer thats capable of JTG, if a Jammer allows PT, a close range pot shot and youre toast



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