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    Default sooo i got my rx65 today

    and i am amazingly pleased. already saved myself once and i've only driven about 30 miles. freaking awesome.

    anything i should know really? i've pretty much got everything sorted out as settings go. i was showin a friend of mine who has the x50 8500, and he told me to set the Ka from intl to USA, which makes sense. but what exactly is the difference?

    anyways. back to that question, anything i should know? i've got all the good stuff as in mounted as high as possible, and i have no tintline so i'm all good there.

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    RDs are awesome arent they, Mine was like that too, but mine saved me RIGHT OUT OF THE BEST BUY PARKING LOT!!!!!, I put it up after I get back in the car, open it and all (I figue what better time to start it never patient enough to WAIT to play with my new toys ) and right off the lot I get an intermittent Ka that soon ramps up.....I was HAPPY as can be (I learned all about the X50 before i got it thanks to my buddy who has one too)

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    haha yeah, i picked mine up at a UPS store way down a frontage road at a 35mph speed limit. ofcourse i set it up before leaving the parking lot, and the second i pulled out of the lot, a k alert starts goin up, till finally i pass an leo in the median clocking people. and i did 50 TO the ups place, and watched out the way back

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    Default Re: sooo i got my rx65 today

    Quote Originally Posted by airman
    he told me to set the Ka from intl to USA, which makes sense. but what exactly is the difference?
    USA only scans the three Ka frequencies commonly used in the US. I think has some info on it.

    Big, big range improvement with it set to USA.

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    you get a little differece in range but you could miss a radar that is out of tune

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    My RX65 alerted me to Laser this weekend in MASS. I had it mounted mid-height on the windscreen. It alerted right after my laser jammer, I was still a pretty good distance from the cop.



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