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    Default $0.94 RD Case 4 Beltronics

    Today I was walking through the camera department in Walmart. Thought I might find a case for my vector 895 and sure enough I did. A nice well maded cheap one too...$0.94 cents. I know what you might be thinking for that price it has to be junk. Well let me tell you it is not junk but it is not maded out of leather either, nor is it a big hard case. It is ideal for small cameras and hand-held devices like the Beltronics Rd's.

    The exterior is maded out of durable nylon and the interior has good padding for the RD protection. It comes in the color black only. Here are the interior dimensions 3.5" x 4.5" x 1.75" . Its maded by Targus and is in a red and white card board packaging. Has a flip open top... at the top, that stays close with a Velcro fastener. It fits the dimensions of the shape and size of the vector rd's perfectly. If I did not know better I would say it was maded for the rd unit. It is a great case for placing the unit into for protection when you dismount the unit to place it in your glove compartment or when transporting it with you when you leave the car.

    This is working out great for me so far and for the price of $0.97 cents how can you gone wrong! Here is the Walmart barcode part number 009263621209 and here is the number on the package DDCC01. So for a good very very low cost protection case for your Vector Rd when it is not mounted in your car I would suggest buying one or checking it out. Hope they have the case in your local Walmart store. I do know that not all Walmarts carry the same stuff everywhere...but who knows you might get lucky like I did.

    Hey, just a side note....I have had my Vector 895 now for a week. This has to be the BEST radar unit I have ever had. This RD rocks people. Very few false alarms and it picks up K and Ka from a good 2 miles or better. Senitivity is Excellent. I love the fact that I can program it to city low no X and quick test power up. This unit has already saved me one or two tickets for sure just this week. Beltronics has come a long way at improving their RD's since the last time I bought a Bell 870 Rd about 5 years ago. That one was a good unit for its time for me but no where near as good as this Vector 895. One very happy Vector 895 owner here folks.


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    it's probably the best performance/value $200 you can't go wrong

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    Default Re: $0.94 RD Case 4 Beltronics

    Quote Originally Posted by rockywoods
    It is a great case for placing the unit into for protection when you dismount the unit to place it in your glove compartment or when transporting it with you when you leave the car.
    I was just thinking about doing something like that earlier today. The case for my X50 is kinda big and bulky. I thought that it would be nice to have some kind of smaller, but still protective case to put my rd in, and then just put it in the glove box, or center console. I guess great minds think alike :wink: . Glad you found a solution that works for you...I didn't think about a camera bag though

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    Glad you like the idea. It works really well for the money. Better then dropping the thing and watching it crack or not work afterwards.
    Its call investment protection!!!


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    Default welcome

    Welcome to the forum. Glad to hear of others who find an alternative case for their rd.



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