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    Default Rear Laser lens question on my V995

    I would rather have a rear radar antenna inplace of the laser lens. Why didnt Bel/Escort do that instead?

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    Default how expensive could it be???

    make a mini horn and connect it to the circuit board. I couldnt do it but Im sure a bel/escort eng. could do it.

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    The only surefire way to get a rear radar antenna is to buy a V1.

    But even without a rear antenna, the Bels and Escorts do quite well detecting rear radar.
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    Could they make a reciever to fit into that small a$$ space???????

    I cant say anything on the rear RADAR, but I do agree that the Rear Laser reciever is basically pointless (Especially on my car where the rear plate is on the bottom end of the BUMPER, not the trunk lid like most other cars), If I get a laser alert I look FORWARD, and then its SOOOOO small anyways it probably has SERIOUS problems detecting laser to the rear anyways........really I say its just there for show



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