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    Default RX 65 Pro - Setting for Canada, BC

    I live in BC, Canada. What setting should I use to get the best use out of my new detector? Settings for scan, usa or intl, etc....

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    it just depends on ur u comute daily or do u just travel int he same area..what band of radar do they use

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    I likely will only use the detector on long trips. In the city it is kinda pointless as I mainly know where they wait anyways so slwo down a certain areas regardless, though I may give it a try to see how it works....

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    what would be the destination of your long trip

    maybe someone from canda could be more of a help..i just suggest AutoScan and turn off the bands the dont use in the areas u are going to be traving in/to

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    All I ever get when I make the trip over is K band and Laser, I have not ever seen a VPD cruiser with anything else.

    I suggest X off, Ka On, K On, Laser On, SWS Off, KU Off.

    Run Highway rather than Autoscan, I get better reception with HWY mode on my RX65.

    Good Luck


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    i also was wonderring if USA mode should be used?
    From the tests I have read the best range is with usa mode and pop on....



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