Both kids sleeping today, so I got some time to hardwire my RX65.
--Put power on the car and read power from the RED on the right, and ground from the GREEN on the left as looking at the plug from the front, with the tab down.
--I have a color matching phone cord that is wired the same way. I spliced it into the power for my autodimming mirror, but no dice.
--My SMART cord also died today, which was my inspiration for finally doing my hardwire.
--Seems after some troubleshooting, the 2A fuse on the circuit board of the smart cord is shot.
--I un-soldered the fuse from the board, put the power lead in the "out" socket on the board, and put the board (sans lighter socket adapter) and the lot in the cavity for my sunroof controls.
--It seems that there is a feedback circuit from the RD to the smartcord adapter that need more than power and ground. All is well know, only I will need a new SMART cord when I want to use the RD in my wifes highlander.
--Also, I realize that I had no fusible link in the system now, so I changed the 5A fuse for the autodimming mirror (now my power source) to a 2A (the fuse that I had to remove from the circuit board). I should be good to go.
--I moved my mounting up about 2inches so that I am in the blue factory tint of my windshield. I love the stealth, and will be looking to see if it has any effects. Many posts say that factory 'blue' tint will not effect performance. Well see