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    Default STi Driver behind opaque windscreen

    I ride a sportbike in Ontario and have mounted my STi Driver under the opaque portion of my windscreen. The detector is mounted properly (flat, level and pointed forwards). From what I understand the detector will not pick up laser because it cannot see through the windscreen, however, my RADAR detector capabilities should not be affected. IS THIS TRUE??

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    no not really unless it has metalics of anykind in it i.e some tints

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    the detector will not pick up laser because it cannot see through the windscreen,
    False , infrared should pass through , test the transmission with a tv remote and any digital cam .

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    It depends if the plastic is dark or clear with IR. For example there is a plastic covering on the front of the STI. It is clear at 904 nm for sure, look with a nightvision camera and you can see inside the RD. But at visible light it is dark. The windscreen might be dark also in IR but probably not.

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    The answer depends on the materials that it is made of. The others have talked about laser and testing it with a remote. The radar detection can also be affected if the tint uses metal (as some do). There is no easy way to test it other than drive slowly towards a speedtrap or a supermarket. If it is a supermarket, you will need to be able to compare against another detector to ensure that your range is not compromised. Good luck.



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