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    Default 795 picked up ka at decent range!

    This week I was heading e-bound on I-96 when I started to pick up ka band in the truck w/ the 795. About 3/4 mile later, I see the LEO. Cop is facing e-bound on the w-bound side. For a lower end Bel, I think this did ok. 795 sure can surprise you sometimes! I guess I am one of the few who got a good one.

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    same, i have a amazing 795 i posted not to long ago in the general section, i mean i also have a 955 and for $80 you cnat go wrong with the 795 :wink:

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    Same here - good detection on both K & Ka (The LEOs here run a mix of K & Ka). I was on Hiway 9 driving wb towards Norman from Lake TBird ('dirty bird') and it chirped and later just over 3 miles down the road a LEO had a customer on my side. It went full scale about 1/2 - 3/4mi before I passed them. The road in that area is hilly and curvey (and has 1 mi section roads). Figured the LEO IO'd him and chased him a little ways. I had sped back up thinking it was a false alert.
    I travel once a month on a 1200mi RT and this along with the CB has saved my *** several times. I only wish I could find the source of the LASER alerts heading west out of Roswell NM (do do di do).
    This was a good $50 spent - RS closeout.



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