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    Default Buying a used RX65

    Beside checking the software version.. what else should I look for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tvbi
    what else should I look for?
    look for X50 or some other one, i had one and sold it. Just not enoff range, for Australia use that is. So y is the guy selling? What is he upgrading to? Worth asking!

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    Default Re: Buying a used RX65

    Quote Originally Posted by tvbi
    Beside checking the software version.. what else should I look for?
    You want to make sure there are no cracks or damage and that the speaker and all lights work. If not you'll have to shell out an additional $85 to have it fixed. There are new ones that can befound for less then $200.00 if you don't mind not having a factory warranty. Even if it needed to be fix still would be cheaper then buying it at a electronic store. I bought three new Bel vector 995 version 4.5 for $125.00 plus shipping and I like this unit as much as the Bel RX65 and volume on my Bel 995 is louder then my Bel Rx65.



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