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Thread: RX65 Road Trip

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    Default RX65 Road Trip

    Got my 2nd RX65 (after the 1st got sent back cause of a "SR" message.)
    on Monday. Took it on a 386 mile spin to Mississippi today. Picked up
    X-band twice from over a mile. Got to know this puppy, and it seems
    to be doing OK. Got K-band alerts in B'ham with plenty of time to look
    for the SC's. Not sure of the range, but felt good about it when I eventually
    did see them. Hope this one will be a keeper.

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    how's the Ka range?

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    That is good to hear you having enough warning time to slow down. That is really all you need not specifically how many miles it saves you just that it saves you in enough time to slow down to the PSL. That is my Opinion anyways. Good to hear and i hope you enjoy it. I know I do!



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    Default Ka Range

    I hadn't hit Ka until today on a trip to B'ham. Had SC's all over I65 North.

    Picked one up about 4 miles out. ____Unreal___ WOW! I kept looking,
    and looking and finally saw him with a car pulled over in the south bound
    side. The signal abated after I passed him.



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