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    Default Self adhesive pads


    Did anyone every try to use the (6) self adhesive pads (that came with the RX65) and tried to place it on the dashboard?

    Beltronics supplied these for a reason ....

    I tried these on this evening, and the rx65 doesn't go anywhere. It stays nicely on the dash ....

    Just wondering if someone ever tried to use this way of "mounting"

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    For some reason I didn't get those pads with my 65. I did use the big sticky dash pad that came with my Pro73 and it worked good. It's the kind for cell phones and stuff. After it loses it's stickiness you can just throw it in the washer and it's sticky again. You can get like 5 of them from Ebay for about $5

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    Thes pards are like hidden in the box, together with the extrat sucking cups ....

    Is your RX65 steady on that sticky pad? ..... that really sounds like a good idea!


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    maybe i got them and didn't notice? O.o



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