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    Default Picked up K band in a busy business area from a bike cop...

    From the first alert on a familar travelled busy street to the point where the local leo bike cop was writing a ticket to a speeder, I had a alert distance about just 2.5 miles. I just thought it was a cobra owner driving next to me and it was pissing me off but i also thought it was a weak signal but very very slowly getting stronger. On this stretch of road the 7-11 emits a k band signal and stops right after I pass it but the k band continued getting stronger until I could see the leo off the bike and was finally at full alert just a few hundred feet to the bike and the signal stopped about .15 miles past the bike cop. I could see this happening on the hwy but in a busy area? Was the radar gun at full strength? But whatever reason that is great range on k-band in a business area.

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    Default k band

    K band can surprise you sometimes. That was a smart cop running k band near some businesses.

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    I was surprised my V995 picked it up and held the signal in a heavy business for that distance. I just a few minutes ago while on my way home, I picked up a (stater)LEO K band (24.226) at a 90 deg. angle to my left and that is the way I turned and he was 1.7 miles away and I was alerted to him at that 90 deg. angle. My V995 keeps me happy. BTW I knew the leo was in front and I jumped in the right lane and let a tailgater go by and he got pulled over for speeding. I was laughing at the dumba**.



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