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    Default rx65 new version??

    i was scouting ebay just to kill time today and saw this one seller with a " new version" in a box i have never seen.. ours come in different boxes. i think i remember seeing this on here before but couldn't find it anyone know whats different?? thanks

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    the latest one is rev 6.1 just like the x50's (same antenna) there's no new version only the package is different

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    cool thank you.... gonna give the rx65 a shot just for the heck of it... the x50 is doing great though, not quite as impressive as the v1 imo was on ka but darn near the same... just a bit less range i think. i would gladly have kept the v1 except for my dealings with the company and the e message. so i figure id give the rx65 a shot to see how well it does ka wise... but it does concern me that i see less and less people appear to be using the rx65 though... not sure why that is...

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    Default know

    Let us know what you think of the Bel rx65.



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