I was home from work and was driving through YELM (GET IR DONE!!) and since it was very dark I was running my V995 in Dark mode and thinking this would be a nice area for a LEO to run a speed trap. I then pick up a faint K band and there are some nice winding roads and once again I get another K band alert and I was in a 50mph zone and new a 30 mph zone was about anothe .5 miles ahead so I'm ready. So when I see the 30mph zone sign I had already slowed down and about 100ft past it I get another K band but stronger (alot stronger) and what do I see?? a blacked out Yelm Deputy using K band Instant on and when I pasted him doing the SL, I get a full alert of K band and drove on smiling because I had atleast 2.5 miles of warning til I was instanted on by that leo. I'm glad I had my V995 in Dark mode so he didnt know that I had early warning of him 2.5 miles back. I have had this and never had a "J" or a "E" yet.