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Thread: Close call.

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    Default Close call.

    I'm on a business trip out of town in Fresno, CA right now. On my way down here on 152 east I was following a local. I don't know the area so I typically never drive a max of 8 mph over the speed limit but almost everyone was going over 80 mph in this 65 mph zone. I figured if everyone else was it would be fine for me to follow. As time goes on other cars pull off and I end up following this pick up truck. He is in the right lane and I am in the left lane and we are both going about 88 mph and I am around 300 feet behind him. He hits his breaks quickly and I look over curiously at him. I had cruse control on. I turned it off and had my foot resting over the break. I slowed down to about 83 mph and am infront of him now as he turns into my lane behind me. All of a sudden I get hit with a full reading of Ka. No warning just a strong instent on. It scared the **** out of me and since I already had my foot on the break my responce time was supurbe. I went down to 73 mph in the blink of an eye. A min later a cop drives past both of us going west bound on the other side of the freeway. I have never in my life gotten a sudden full blast from easly over 3000 feet away. When he shot me he was a dot far far away. Talk about a stong blast!

    What is weird is how the guy in the pickup truck knew the cop was there before I did. I have an rx65 and I couldn't see a rd on the other guy, but I'm 90% sure he had one. No idea what though. Was it luck on his part or did he have something special I don't know about? Also, I've never been hit with instent on before without someone else being hit before me that I know about. The road was clear a whole mile infront of us and there was no one for the cop to shoot. I'm not sure what trick the guy in the pickup truck had, but I wish I could have asked him.

    Anyone had an experence like this in the past before?

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    I have had a very close call with Ka detection. It was constant on though, and it was coming around a curve. I am not sure if I slowed down in time, or if the LEO clocked my rabbit who was doing at least 10km/hr faster than me. Luckily it was a spot on the HWY where they couldn't turn around, so we just took the next exit.
    Talk about getting the adrenaline pumping!!!
    Now I get the odd Ka Blimp on the rd, and it scares the hell out of me. Could be when I pass a cheap rd user. I am not sure they are that common in my area though..



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