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    Default where can I get a power cord for a V895 for cheap? store?

    Can I get one at best buy? since they sell Bel RD's?

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    Don't believe they sell the cords. You could make one yourself if you're electronics savvy, but it wouldn't have the mute button or the lights.

    Roy's got the regular coiled cord without the smartplug for $10. That's probably the most cost-effective way to go for a second vehicle cord.

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    Last July, with my Escort S2, before starting a long road trip to South Texas/Florida, I stoped at a BestBuy store in Erie, PA to get a power cord for the S2 (which I bought it a year ago from a BB store in Billings, MT), no luck at all, they did not carry any accessories for S2 or any other RDs, Bel or Escort... so I bought a power invertor 110/220V and a multi-power outlet (CB Radio, XM sat radio, cell phone, camcorder and battery charger) and charged the batteries while driving... either you make one yourself (if possible, I ain't good in such things) or order one from Beltronics/Escort or from Roy...



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