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    Default Just bought the Bel 985 for $50.

    I just need a power cord for it now, off to sear's or radio shack now. It came with the box, booklets and a nice silver alum. Beltronic's travel case. On the V985 since it has ACCUSWEEP (not International Dedicated like the V995) and can scan the US super wide band Ka freq's. faster does it mean the V985 is better in detecting Ka then the V995?

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    Default think

    I think it is similar to the old 2000 Bel Vector LR 970 rd that I used to have. By far, THE BEST BEL I HAVE EVER OWNED!

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    What will DOUG think?
    You can get a good cord at RS. If the plug is too long, a 1/8" grommet cut in half spaces it properly.

    Or try this:

    For older BEL accessories, scroll to the bottom of this page:


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    Ck the version by pressing aud and brt while powering up. 5.6 is the newest version. Ka narrowband is great if you are certain of the frequencies used in your area. Leave it on wideband Ka if you are not sure. Mr. Bracket and invert display option make this a rock solid unit!

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    I tested it out yesterday on the hi-way and it did get a 2 mile K-band alert from leo coming the opp. direction. There are alot of options to this V985 and I have to play with it alot (dont even say it) to fully understand like my V995 which I think is easier to set up now that its just the Passports.

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    how did you get that for only $50?

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    the guy was sellling on a well known site(not ebay) and is moving to Conn. and selling his V985 and Escort Solo S2 since he knew that RD's are illegal in that state, but I told him about this site and about the STi and it cant be detected. The V985 was selling for $75 but I talked him down to $50 and bought a cord for $6.99 at Radio Shack and it works great.



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