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    Default I had a very interesting save due the "Spec" mode

    I was driving to my head office on I-5 going north to Kent, Wa. and I usually pick up a k band (24.138) from a building on the side of the hi-way. I pick up a k band alert of 24.169 about 2 miles before I get the normal k band alert from the building (and know its a normal k band alert), so I treat it as a true k band alert and see a leo parked on the side running instant on. A few seconds after that I pick up another K band alert of ( 24.182) and then I see where its coming from, its a bike leo with his gun out with instant on hiding under a bridge. The good thing about this is that the 2 leo's were in the area where this normal k band (24.138) sets off my V995. I believe they were hiding in this area for a reason because the Spec. mode would switch between the 2 leo signals and I knew there was 2 radar traps being run. The V995 gave me plenty of time to slow down since I was in the left lane and recieving cross the lane signal from the leo's.

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    i wish my 955 had spec mode like that because i could see the different alerts and frequency. i'm currenlty looking for a x50 or an original 8500. those are some good saves though man

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    It's a lower end version of the multi-threat displays that the top 3 have. Too bad they don't use the lower row of the display matrix to show signal strength (a horizontal bar graph, so to speak).

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