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    Default v895 possibly confused or something?

    So I've had my Beltronics Vector 895 for about a week now. I can always rely on it to go off when I pass certain sections with lots of radar (such as stores and theatres). I get two reads on my way to work (14 miles away). One X-band alert (3 bars) while passing under and overpass while on the interstate. And one K-band alert (2 bars) while getting off the off-ramp.

    However, while getting off that same off-ramp one morning, I passed a Sheriff. No alert. So I thought, "Maybe he has his radar off..."

    Then I was behind a squad car from another city and when the light turned green, I got a POP reading. I was like, "SWEET!"

    The next day - yesterday - I was stopped as an ambulance pulled out of a fire station. "Huh... Odd," I thought. No alert.

    Then this morning, there was an officer pulling over a speeding vehicle on the interstate. No alert. So I assume he just turned it off while he was busy with that guy.

    Also. I get K-band alerts at 2 bars randomly while passing through the same route that I travel everyday (consists of 4 miles of city, 10 miles of interstate).

    I've also encountered one random POP alert, but no radar source was in site. Just a few small suites for health care offices and some apartment buildings.

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    Well as far as the ambulance goes, unless they have Safety Radar on the Ambulance you won't get any alert to them. As far as the LEO pulling over a speeder and not getting any alert, he could have been using instant on so at the time you passed him his radar was in HOLD mode, thus not transmitting a signal.

    As far as the 2 bar K band it could be anything such as a garage door opener, an automatic door, a cheap RD etc.

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    sounds normal.

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