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    Default 995 Changeable Faceplates

    ok. Just got a new 995. But it didn't come with the changeable faceplates that Bel advertises. Any ideas why not?

    Oh, and when the time ever comes to upgrade the software, what do I need to do?

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    I bet you got 1 of the first V995's on the market. I've had my V995 for about 6months. I didnt get the smart cord like the lastest V995's, i would rather have that though, but i did get the face plates though.

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    I got the smart cord but didn't get the faceplates. I think what you get depends on what pack/bundle buy.


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    my nephew got his new V995 about 2 months ago and he got the new ver. that replaced my V995 and he got the smartcord and faceplates.




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