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    Default Testing the Laser Alanta with JTW & LittleOverPSL today.

    Me and LittleOverPSL both own V995's. My V995 is mounted high as you can see in my pic. and LittleOverPSL was mounted low. We started out on a straight road with no traffic and I trailed LittleOverPSL. As LittleOverPSL and I was on our cell's, LittleOverPSL got hit with laser and I was about 75 to 100ft and I was picking up scatter. After a few of those runs, we switched and I was popped by laser @ 1900ft and JTW was aiming down low at my plate and lights and I have no laser protection at all. So I was wondering if he hit me low will I pick up laser alerts? Well I did and they were full blasts. Basically I was happy with the location of my V995 and look forward to getting a Laser Jammer very, very soon. BTW the laser jammer that JTW has... The Laser works great against the laser alanta and showed no "Jammer codes" what so ever, it got punch through from about 10 ft. from the gun and it was jamming from 2000 ft. so he has plenty time to slow down vs. the LA and that is the hardest to jam.

    My set up...

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    Yup, the Laser Atlanta surprised me. My black car was veiled, the white Audi was not. Regardless, the LA picked us both up at 1900'-2000' easily.

    As Audi said, both v995's alerted to the lidar. However, the LA already had our speed by then. Mounting high/low didn't make much difference. Audi picked up scatter from his high location, I picked up scatter from low.

    Note that this was very not scientific testing as we were short on time. The idea here was just a sanity check on whether the veil was effective at any reasonable distance, and a gut check of the RD for alert and scatter.

    Plus, the LA is not in use in Washington state. Mostly ProLaser III's and some LTI Ultralytes. But we didn't have those guns.

    Hopefully we'll get a chance to do something a little more elaborate in the future. It did convince us that jammers are almost essential.

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    I just broke open my penny jar and starting counting pennies for the laser jammer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Audi Quattro
    I just broke open my penny jar and starting counting pennies for the laser jammer.
    Good luck counting on that note

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    i stopped counting after .05 cents...damn not enough for a laser many kidney's do we have???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Audi Quattro
    i stopped counting after .05 cents...*BEEP* not enough for a laser many kidney's do we have???

    ummmmmmm.......... 5 (2 actually)

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    looking for sharp knife right now.....

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    I just ordered my second STI, and well be getting the Blinder M40 X-treme in December for my Christmas present to me.

    I have to tint my glass in my 4X4 so I can mount the unit high infront of the RVM and hardware to the sunroof control.

    $600.00 USD is tight, but I am near certain that Roy will help me out a little. I love the ant--laser, but parts are hard to get and the price is just to high.



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