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    Default ok so ive used the rx65 for a few days...

    version 6.1. its not mine i borrowed a freinds and he borrowed my x50..
    one thing i can say is the rx65 dogs the x50 on ka.. thats a def and we both have 6.1. the x50 does better on k band. laser is unknown yet since we havent had to many of those. while i do really like the rx65 one thing i really dont like and please tell me if this is normal for the rx65... it doesnt alert slowly.. meaning i dont get one bar then 3 then 5 then etc... the rx65 shows like 1 bar then keeps beeping for a good while then almost when the leo is in sight bam full bars... is this normal for the rx65 where the x50 is much more gradual almost imo more precise if you will... i love the blue display i know that now after not being able to even see the rx65 in the sun at all.. the blue i can usually see almost all the time unless the sun is directly on the display... i kinda miss the exp dispay of the x50 but im not sure how effective it really is.. i have yet to see multi threats only one bar on ka and k one time, i wonder if the rev 6.1 has a problem with the exp display like someone else posted in the escort forum. hmm.. i LOVE how loud the rx65 is over the x50. i usually cant even hear the x50 over even moderate music. the rx65 blares right through it even when cranked up pretty loud.. but oh those tones after going off for a few minutes can drive me nuts. i have it set to mute... i wish i could combine what i like about both to make a perfect det for me.. lol... anyway now i have to decide which to keep.. he actually likes the x50 a lot now and asked if i wanted to ill post more about distance later

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    Yes the RX65 (or atleast mine as well) does start at 1 bar and then jumps to full when the CHP (LEO) is in sight. I also love the loud volume, but as you said if it detects the KA at say 2.0 miles then by 1.0 or less you are either going insane or hitting the mute button hard :wink:

    Keep us updated on how it works out for you!


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    yeah the ramp up is driving me nuts.. i think ill be staying with the x50 but im gonna give it a few more days.

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    Default Rx65 and x50

    Quote Originally Posted by zfactor
    yeah the ramp up is driving me nuts.. i think ill be staying with the x50 but im gonna give it a few more days.
    MY rx65 does the same thing. My x50 is much more even with radar strength. They work about the same for me. I think the rx65 is a little better on Ka than the x50. But K band seems to be about the same. My rx65 is no were as loud as my X50. Only had rx65 about a month or so.

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    i find the volume of mine to be better than the x50, k band performance the same, better ka performance, and i haven't had that problem w/ the bars. the bars ramp up as the x50 would, but its the sound that doesn't ramp up (no solid tone).

    gosh... thinking about it...i REALLY miss the x50...



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