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    Default Installing RX65 hardwire Kit.

    I have recently purchased the the bel rx65 radar detector and should be recieving it in the mail shortly. I also am purchasing the hardwire kit with the control unit also. However I do not know how to install it. Should I mount the detector high next to my rear view mirror? Or should I post it lower near the dash? Also, how do I go about installing the hardwire kit? I have a 2002 hyundai sonata. I have heard of people splicing which sounds like the easiest option but how do I know what wire I can/should splice into? I do not want to fry it. I have never done anything like this before but can be pretty handy. I need step by step instructions guys. Thank you so much for all your help!

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    high near the mirror

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    I dont know your car but its rather easy, find the power source, put the provided wire-tap on it and then ground the black wire, to something metal on the body of the car

    if we know what area you live in someone here might be able to help do it with you, I cant speak for everybody but that would be an idea

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    Just ask a local LEO to help install it for you.

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    best buy will do it for like $30. if you are lazy like i am and ignorant of cars, thats the way to go.

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    Default thanks!

    thank you guys for getting back so quick! im definetly going to get working on it

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    take it best buyor circuit city.... they will do it cheaply for ya..... i wouldgo with a high or low mount. Depends on how much laser is used in your area. If its used highly then i may suggest a low mount



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