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    Default Beltronics Pro RX65 Question

    I was just wondering if my Beltronics Rx65 was performing right when i come up on a store that gives me false alerts it dont alert me until i get right up on the store i had the Beltronics Rx65 in the center of the windshield im just wondering if this is normal i was also wondering if my radar detector is in the right spot should i move it down like radar roy suggest or move it up like radartest suggest dont know what to do thanks

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    Im sure it's working just fine. I have a V1 and RX65. Both are awesome detectors. My V1 goes off all he time on all signals it receives. My 65 is a lot more quiet and does not false on many of the alerts my V1 does but when I do get a real alert it goes crazy. At first I thought there was something wrong but that's where I was wrong.
    The RX65 is very quiet. You just need to get used to it.
    By the way, mount it high if you can.........

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    Stick with the RX65.Like Cdilln said it's filtering is one of the best,and you just have to get used to it as i did.One thing i don' tlike is alot of falsing which is one of the reasons i went with the RX65..Nice and quiet until it sniffs out a real threat.

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    i think he's asking about how the range of the false warnings is very short, not the fact that he gets fase alarms

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    yes vandaleigh that is what i was trying to ask is why the range of the false warnings is very short, not when i get false alarms sorry i should have been more specific thanks

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    Wouldn't u like to know


    The signals from automatics doors and such are much weaker then those the police radar have.

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    The reason the range on the falses is short, is because the source of the falses is a very weak low powered signal to begin with..
    Think of it this way, the LEO's use something that is like a floodlight in a stadium, and the falses is like having a small flashlight with a single AA battery. The floodlight you can see from very far away,, but the flashlight you have to be up close



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