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    Default rx65 v.s x50 v.s 995

    which three of these are good wats the diferrence between each of them, can somebody help me

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    Just do a little leg work on your own on this website.

    There's probably hundreds of messages on these topics.

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    I have sent you a million posts concerning your question over the last 2 weeks. You said you bought the RX65 off Ebay.

    Here's your last PM to me. Enough is Enough.

    From: chitownballer21
    To: Audi Quattro
    Posted: Sat Nov 18, 2006 9:35 pm
    Subject: Re: 955 v.s 965 v.s 995
    hey hows it going to bought the rx95 its going to come in the mail what do u think about that is that the best radar detector right know

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    Default Re: rx65 v.s x50 v.s 995

    Quote Originally Posted by chitownballer21
    which three of these are good wats the diferrence between each of them, can somebody help me
    Bro they are all pretty close performance wise. With the RX65 and X50 being 2 of the top 4 RD's sold today. If you want to see hard core data, check some of the posts that break down the sensitivity by the numbers. Also, ask yourself what is the greatest threat that you face in your area. Laser, K, Ka, etc and that should help you make your final choice. And under what conditions will you face these threats i.e. city or highway/rural driving. Good luck.

    Sensitivity numbers:



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