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    Default Beltronics Vector 940 or 955

    Ok, i am new here and would appreciate your help. I am looking at the vector 940 and 955 and was wondering what everyone thought. They are both on sale and are in my price range. I was wondering is one better then the other?? Checked out beltronics website and there are only 2 differences. Well any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks Mike

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    I have owned the v940 for about 2-3 month's now and I have absolutely no complaint's.

    Picks up instant-on well ahead. Great Ka sensitivity.

    Also, it picked up a direct Laser hit from about 500-1000ft with the detector mounted semi high just under the RVM.

    I can highly recommend the Vector 940 for the cash.

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    I have had the 940 for about 3 months works great!



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