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    Default Vector 955 vs. I955

    Is this the same detector?? Or is there a difference between thw 2?

    Well after taking a closer look the I says "Vector" . Some of the detectors say "vector" and some say it in small. Are these OLD MODELS? or the same thing? I have also noticed that bels website has 2 manuals (one for chrome 955 on top and one that just says Vector 955). They both have the same buttons and design just different writing.

    Is there a difference?


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    mine has the chrome and i dont believe that there is a difference

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    Yeah, I was'nt sure, the buttons are the same and everything else except the writing. And there is another instruction manual for it. Where did you purchase yours at?

    How do you like the 955? any problems or anything? pick up alot of stuff? I bought the 940 and am exchanging it for the 955 and the 940 picks up a ton of K band. I am hoping the autoscan may help..



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