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    Default Warranty rejected!

    I recently bought a New in box Bel995 from an Amazon seller. I decided
    today to take out the extended warranty, So I called Beltronics to do so.
    Beltronics said that unless the detector was bought from Amazon and not
    a dealer on Amazon, they would not honor the warrenty or extended warranty!! Just passing on important info to those that may think about
    doing what I did!!!!! I am new to radar detectors and really didn't think
    that it matter where you got it from as long as it was new, not so. Also
    the seller originally wanted $179.00 for a 3 year warranty. When I told
    him that Bel only charge $29.00, he then offered me the same.
    My advice to all concerned is to buy from Radar Roy as I found all of this out after I found out about this web site!! and forum. Or
    check with Beltronics first to find out who it is that they
    honor as sellers before you buy!! Would be nice to have a detector that
    would alert you to these kind of things!
    I have gotten such great help from this forum, thought that I would also contribute by passing this on to help others.


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    Thanks for sharing the lesson that so many people learn each day. These other sites may seem appealing and cheap, but what it boils down to is that you become the victim of such a terrible ordeal.

    For any device or item that costs $300 + and you see a warranty for $29 on the manuf. site and some one else is selling the same warranty for over $100 that to me should raise an eyebrow or two.

    But thanks again for sharing


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    Yikes! This is EXACTLY the situation I am in right now... thanks for saving my ass. eldo, little do you know that you're a hero!

    /afk cancelling Amazon order and buying from Roy. :P

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    Lessons are often expensive. Buy, don't be sold and what ever you do, do your research well :wink:



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