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    Default help with direct wire with add-a-circuit kit from roy

    I direct wired my RX65 a while ago using the connector that splices into an existing wire - only wire I could find was my remote car starter and everything worked fine when it was done, but I think over the last few months the wire I attached the splice to may have been cut completely by the splice as my remote starter will not work now.

    I ordered a Littelfuse add-a-circuit kit from Roy to so that I could move it to the fuse box and off my remote starter - I thought before I received it the connector on it would accept the same one as the splice connector but thats not the case.

    I don't know much about wiring, for anyone who has done this or knows what the type of connector is on the add-a-circuit, how would I connect the direct wire kit to it?

    ie. is it something I would heat/crimp after inserting a stripped wire?


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    The positive lead usually comes with a spade connector. Just clip it off and strip off some of the insulation. Insert into the Add-A-Circuit connector and crimp. Ensure the black (negative) wire goes to a good ground. Get a cheap multimeter if in doubt.



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