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    Default Considering buying a STi driver over the V1

    Most of my driving is in the city with a lot of KA used buy the LEOs no laser at all they just drive around or sit with it on all day its a joke.
    I live in illinois so detectors are legal but with all the reviews on the Sti driver KA band range and its filtering I have my eyes on the STi.
    The rx 65 will work fine I know but just want the latest. They pay for them selves anyway.
    I just dont like the bulky V1 mounted high with the cord hanging just looks goofy. The STi looks like a stout piece. I have my current detector mounted on the dash were I can mute it if need be and it gets a good front range but rear is mehh.
    I will be going threw ray on this detector since you guys rave about him. Its not worth going thew ebay to save a coupple bucks and if I have problems im screwed.
    I am not bashing V1 at all. I know its a great detector but a little over done and to big IMO.
    Anyone have any oppinons for me post away.
    Thanks ray for opening and running this site and all you others for the support.

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    Consider buying a visor clip and hardwire the Sti for a nice convenient and neat install.

    If you dont face a laser threat and you're not pressed for budget then the Sti is a great choice.

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    The STi's ability to invert the display allows for a super-clean high-mount. The V1 is pretty butt-ugly when you mount it high and have to stare at the bottom of an already ugly-looking casing.

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    Well what is it mounting it high or on the dash? I guess you get better rear detection mounting it up high. We will see when I get it. I plan on hard wireing it so I will have a clean install eather way. I agree mounting it up high is the cleanest look and out of site.
    I also thought that was bad as s that you can turn the sti upside down and you can still read it.

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    It's Radar Roy, by the way :P

    The STi is a fine detector for Ka threats and has great K band and X band filtering for the city.

    It's a great bargain, you get the direct wire smart cord, extra suction cups. I am not to crazy on the case as I have never used it, but just makes it look more classy. Looks great in a slick car Vs. the toy looking cobras and whistlers.

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    sti sucks..its ugly...its a waste of the extra like 100 dollars u could save when buying the rx65...v1 is better looking & performaning than the sti hands down

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    Quote Originally Posted by richardboy316
    sti sucks..its ugly...its a waste of the extra like 100 dollars u could save when buying the rx65...v1 is better looking & performaning than the sti hands down

    Unless radar detectors are illegal where you live, I would definitely go with the V1.

    Recent GOL and SML tests have proven that the V1 exceeds range and sensitivity on all bands of radar and laser by a long shot. It does false, however (this is where the STi shines), but not nearly as bad with some of the newer, more upgraded versions of the software; the J-out feature is nice! Plus, who doesn't want to know what direction their threats are coming from (directional arrows)? The bogey counter is a great feature too, as it alerts you of exactly "how many" threats are present in the area. V1 also ramps up better and goes to a solid tone at full strength, whereas the STi is more broken up in larger intervals (more difficult to locate the source).

    Another thing to consider is that no matter how old your V1 unit gets, Mike will always keep it updated so there's no obsolescence. This is the main reason why used units with outdated versions of software only go for $30-40 less than retail value. Belscort will eventually draw more money out of your wallet by making you purchase an entirely new detector when one is released.

    "V1 is a religion."

    EDIT: And no, I'm not a salesman, just a happy customer! :wink:

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    I hesitate to argue with someone so knowlegable about the pros and cons of the STi and the V1. That's quite an achievment for someone that doesn't own either.

    When you do finally get your V1 you'll find that, in the city, your bogey counter is rubbish and the arrows unreliable. Enjoy :roll:

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    Default Re: Considering buying a STi driver over the V1

    Quote Originally Posted by tsifreak
    I just dont like the bulky V1 mounted high with the cord hanging just looks goofy. I know its a great detector but a little over done and to big IMO.
    I have said it before and I will say it again:

    "Why does everyone think the V1 is big and bulky, it's easy to make a Belscort small because they only have one antenna to deal with (except for the extra front antenna on the STi) and inferior laser detection sensors.

    Let's compare sizes to see which one is the bulkiest.

    The Valentine One, 16.20 cu. in., is smaller than the Escort X50, 18.95 cu. in., and the Bel RX65, 16.33 cu. in., and also the Bel STi, 16.33 cu. in.

    Valentine One -> 181.5g (6.40 ounces)
    Escort 8500 X50 -> 253.7g (8.95 ounces)
    Beltronics RX65 Pro -> 236.6g (8.35 ounces)
    Beltronics STi Driver -> 291.6g ( 10.29 ounces)

    As you can see, the 8500 X50 is the largest in size and the Bel STi Driver is the heaviest. The Valentine One is the smallest and lightest radar detector of the Top 4 radar detectors made today."

    Please refer to the latest radar detector test for proof that the V1 is still #1.

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    I don't understand people comparing radar detectors for there looks. Why would anyone give a $hit what it looks like? Just by the best one for you, but don't base it on looks base your decision on performance.



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