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    Default Will there only be one detector high end detector?

    Now that beltronics and escort have merged into one company will there still be a bel side and an escort side?
    My guess they will stay 2 companys to increase profit.
    Thing is how can escort compete against the sti driver?
    It will be interesting to see how things pan out for sure.

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    The X50 and RX65 are still the bread a butter for this company. The STi is only for users that need stealth, or why pay the extra. I do admit it's a nice kit because of all the extras you get with it.

    I have used the X50 and it is great unit. Not 100% good detection against the MPH Ka, but enough to make me slow down so it did it's job.

    Here in ON RD's are banned, yet most drivers still use Cobras and think the spectre alert will save them. Good test, the reliability of the spectre alerts.

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    I have a few thoughts on the Bel-Escort thing:

    1. Until the cash-cows RX65 and X50 are outdated (this will likely be measured by sales), Escort and Bel products will both be available.

    2. If the company comes along lean times, there is no doubt they will consolidate, cut redundant staff, bring everything under one roof, and work under one name. In the short run such reorganization can be expensive. It takes present day money, long-term vision and leadership to make such a move. Losing quarters force the issue on all 3 of those counts.

    3. Day to day operations - The only operational benefit that I see for the 2 remaining seperate is that two respected names working under the same leadership makes it easier to squeeze out competition than having one unified Belscort. As with most items, it is most likely the premium market segment that generates the highest profit. Other than Valentine (who some would say is priced in an altogether different market segment at $100 more) Belscort has no competition within the premium RD range.

    4. Marketing - Keeping 2 respected names may make sense for name recognition. However, I don't think that the names Escort and Beltronics resonate like they did one or two decades ago, so I don't think this advantage really exists for Bel and Escort.

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    Tp detectors have changed over the years. There once was a time when Cobra made top detectors and CB radios. If one company drops in quality, someone else will be there to take their place.

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    they are both produced at the same plant in ontario, canada but they have HQ here in us too



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