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    Default Bel 795 no warning at all

    Drove from Chicago to central Illinois and back and saw a few different state troopers either on my side with someone pulled over or on the other side with 2 cars and 2 motorcycles that had pulled over a few cars, and my Bel 795 never warned me-nothing, not even a little flash or sound...other times it would go off in the city and I would see a cop car. Could it be that the state troopers were using instant on or laser and had them off once they pulled someone over? If that's the case there is on point in having a RD, especially at night. Would a whistler 73 or 58 or 1793 have picked something up? I'm coming close to the end for my 1 month return deadline. Not sure if I should return it and try one of the whistlers. Any suggestions are appreciated.


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    There is a good chance that the police you saw never had their radar on. What a concept... an RD is meant to detect radar -- NOT cops!

    Stick it out, it'll do its job. 8)

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    You are right, its's supposed to detect radar, but when you see a cop you kind of assume he would be emitting some radar for the detector to detect...I would feel at least safer then knowing my RD is able to pick it up-now I wonder if it really can.


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    Welcome newcomer. 1st off, never assume a police officer has his/her radar/laser gun on. This is not a good thing to be doing. The only time you will ever get an alert from "any" rd is if the police officer is transmitting his equipment and your detector picks it up. The 795 is shotty some of the time, but did surprise me on laser yesterday w/ some testing that was done . A good thing to get in the habit of doing w/ your 795 is do a factory reset on the unit. Unplug the unit, hold the top three buttons in at the same time, then plug the unit in. This resets the unit and might help if the unit is acting up. Sometimes when I hit one of the buttons, I have to hit is 3 times to get it to do what I tell it too. Factory reset seems to help w/ this problem. Good luck!

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    I think geography has alot to do with the 795's performance. In IL we have Kustom to thank for our speed enforcement, hence 35.5 Ka , poorest warning in the latest GOL tests. Other parts of the country may are better.

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    My 795 could detect about as far as I could see. It went back to the store.



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