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    Default bel express 936 help

    just got this from a pawn shop for 40 bones out the door. when it starts up, it goes through its rings as normal, then sits on HIGHWAY after that. im assuming this is normal?

    the windshield mount sux btw :P

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    I have honestly never heard of that model, and have no experience with it, but just from owning other Bel/Escort products, yes it seems right that it goes to a 'Highway' display on its screen.

    That said I dnk how much I would trust an RD from a pawn-shop.

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    ill post pictures of it later tonight when im at work. im relaxing upstairs befre i have to go in...

    it picked up the kA band earlier, but only after the cop had rolled past me. im assuming he turned on the radar after he passed me, hence it going off like that. im gonna hit a speed trap when i get off where theres an automated radar gun that tells you your speed just to make sure it works.

    btw, bell electronics website has an owners manual for it, just saying the model does exist...

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    Default Welcome

    Welcome to the board jerkus. Take the rd out and test it in an urban area and see if any of the motion sensors or bank alarms make the unit alert.

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    im going out to the dominion tonight. thats the RICH area of san antonio where 'stars' live, like some of the spurs basketball team, ect ect. im certain ill make it go off on my way to work tonight. like i said in ^^ post up there, i know where theres a speed trap on 281 going onto i10 that will determine if its working from the front or not.

    im hoping everythings good, cuz 40 bones is a GOOD price for a detector like this that has pretty decent reviews!

    oh, and thanks for the welcome. ill fill out my profile at work when im set up.

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    Bel 936's aren't all that bad. It sounds like it is working properly. The manual for the 935 should be pretty similar, and it is available for download from Bel's site.



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