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    Default Decrease in sensitivity over time?

    I kept my 985 out in the car year-round for the past 3 years. It might just be my imagination but it seems the sensitivity has decreased somewhat over the years.

    Is there anything I can do to prolong the effectiveness of the detectors?
    The 985 has never given me any problems and the AutoScan filters out a lot of stray X and K band riff-raff. Using Highway mode results in excessive false-alerts though.

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    Default welcome

    Welcome to the board metroplex. Personally, I use older Bel cases w/ most of my BelEscorts and let's not forget the V1 case. I think these protect my "investments" quite well. Taking them out of the car is also a good idea in terms of the weather.

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    It is very likely that you may have lost sensitivity over time. It happenned to 2 of my units in the past. The first unit, they made some adjustment (probably some variable resistor) and the second unit was completely replaced. Might as well send it in where they can test out the range. Better to drive without than drive blind thinking that you are okay. :-)



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