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    Default mounted rx65 above the rvm the lens touching the window

    i have my r65 high to the left above my rvm my mount kind of suckes so i have to put my rx65 right close to the window, the fron lens is actuallt touching the window. just wanted to know if somethink would happend if it would crack or and difference with the range and sensitivit

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    hmmm I dont think it would effect the radar reception much, but im sure laser reception would be off at times. Call Bel for a new lens just incase, I doubt it cost that much, if even anything at all.

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    maybe im understanding you wrong, but the front of the RX65 is supposed to be up against your windsheild. Thats what keeps it steady.

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    Yes, the very top edge of the detector should be touching the windshiled. Like xXCriticizeXx said, that is what keeps it steady up there, or else it would have a lot of vertical movement, as well as twisting and wiggling.

    Is there any way you could post a picture of your setup so that we can take a look at it?



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