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    Default Picking up a ka false on the 795

    Last night while doing some laser testing w/ alpine in Flint MI on Miller rd, I was picking up ka band on my 795 which lasted for quite a while. Since I couldn't find the radar source, I just figured it was a false alarm since there where a lot of buildings around. I don't see many false alarms on ka band but I do know of one other place where my V1 and 995 false on ka. It is a certain bank I pass by.

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    Default ya totally

    Ya totally this definetly was quite weird. I am still skeptical that nma didn't just perhaps get 4-5 mile detection range? I mean nma there where alot of powerlines and buildings around there that could severly increase the range of your detector and make even a dog outperform! Maybe it was just the Peterson Effect as Jimbonzz called it? Although there was a state Leo it looked like that passed after I finished shooting laser at NMA and put up the prolaser2? I don't think this leo was the source though as i stated he was a long ways away. I think i have to agree with the possiblity of a ka band false on your 995 nma. Although the x-50 never falsed once through there totally weird? The only ka i picked up was being instant on'd on our way outta that big lots parking lot nma. Anyhow good stuff great testing. And some nice busted video footage in all still dubbing that though it will be coming out soon tho. Not alot of hits though i was a little disapointed we couldn't find that leo that shot us with laser or a leo running ka band. We are going to have to link up again nma this time i got you on gas and dinner. But we need to go out at the end of the month when they are trying to meet their quota and get ka band hits and maybe some laser.

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