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    Default K-band... not much warning. Thoughts?

    Maybe it's just a fluke because I've only ever had two "real" k-band alerts. But both times, there was traffic in front of me, and I didn't get the warning until I could see the LEO. Last night I was going the PSL thankfully, but I drove down a long, straight hill, and the STi went off when I was probably only a few hundred feet from the LEO. I believe he was using constant-on because it continued beeping as I approached him and went past him, but the entire alert lasted for probably 10 secs or less (at 60 km/hr).

    When I first got it, I posted that I wondered if it was normal that I didn't get the k-band alert for automatic door openers until I was practically right in front of the store. Once in a while, I get them driving by on the street, but I never get all the falses that people here describe.

    I have it mounted on the visor, with the antenna lens about 3" from the windshield, pointing down at about a 45 degree angle. I have to have it hidden there b/c RDs are illegal here.

    I've never had any other kind of warning - just k-band, although I've driven past numerous LEOs (both parked and moving), but I figured they just didn't have their radar on.

    Now I'm starting to wonder if there might be something wrong with my STi. It's not giving any kind of "service required" msg though and it boots up just fine. Maybe there's something wrong with the way I have it mounted? But other people describe having theirs mounted the same way and getting tons of advanced warning.

    Thoughts or ideas? I just got it a few weeks ago - would hate to have to send it back already!

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    Dont panic yet. You need more time with it. Sometimes you get these situations that cause you to wonder about the range of your RD and then something comes along that reassures you.

    The cop my have had a radar gun laying down on the car seat etc

    Whats with this 45 angle install?? It aint going to pick up laser like that unless beavers have started shooting laser

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    There have been a few complaints of poor K range with the STI. The only K encounter I've had with my A4M9 was pretty lame as well, however the cops were aiming at the opposite direction (at least I assume so due to their position and the road design). A Kia Sportage flashed me well before...



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