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    Default Could i tkae the display out of the RX65?

    I have been thinking about maybe mounting the diplay for my RX65 behind the dash in the speedometer area. But leaving the rest of the detector mounted as is maybe hinding it in a cd case on my visor. This way it would be very stealth. Is it possible to take the led screen out and just extend the wores that connect it to the board, or is the screen part of the board. Sorry if this question is confusing. I don;t know if i would odo this yet as my RD is still in warrenty but once it's out i don't see why not. If someone has pictures of how the screen is attacked to the rest of the RX65 that would be great.

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    Looks like 11 wires should do it, not sure how well it will work. Should be fine. You should use shielded cable and maybe even some rfc's if any problems arouse. Let us know your results, looks easy enough to undo if you have too.

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