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    Default seems like ka falses alot

    Hi everybody i got an rx65 version 6.1, i had it about 2 months know. It was working pretty good untill know, well it still works good just that all out of a sudden ka band alerts for a second and then dissappears. This happen to me couple of times these past 2 days, does anybody know why ive been getting false ka, if it is false?

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    Turn pop off will help. Its the result of cheap rds in your area. Try and drive in better areas

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    If it only happens a couple of times over a two day period that is not a problem. Like spankaf said, it is probably some Crapras causing that.

    I had older BELs (745 STi) that falsed continuously on Ka band, but that problem has long been fixed on the newer BELs, 9XX series and later.


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    I noticed the same thing with my rx65.
    Started to get ka falses in areas that i have never gotten ka alerts befor.
    After i enabled city mode ,most of the ka falses went away.
    Yeah i would also agree probly people using cheap radar detects.
    If no other cars are around and it still happens, turn off the unit then back on. Then drive back to the same location and see if the unit dont false.
    thats what i did. No ka false.
    I read somewhere after running the rx 65 for a couple of hour's it a good idea to turn it off and back on.
    I think it recalibrates the antenna.

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    Default ka false

    The ka false is more than likely coming from another detector such as a Cobra.



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